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Summit Health Pharmacy (formerly Burmans Pharmacy) is proud to announce new ownership as of the third quarter of 2016

Trust, Community, Family and Growth

Mary & Vince, Summit Health Pharmacy Owners

Summit Health is your trusted neighborhood pharmacy for compounding, specialized, and standard medications. Summit Health stands out as a PCAB/ACHC accredited sterile and non-sterile compounding pharmacy, the highest accreditation in the compounding industry. We offer medication counseling for patients with complicated disease states, meaning they manage multiple conditions and medications. We are not only committed to serving our local community, but also to other states in where we are licensed which currently includes Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Florida, Ohio, Connecticut and Indiana. We are expanding this list constantly. Please call us to find out if we serve in your state.

Our personalized customer service is also extended to providers and manufacturers, because you make up an integral part of our trusted community. Our pharmacists are committed to working closely with doctors to provide medications that meet patients’ needs. For manufacturers, we offer high quality compounds and drugs to support your clinical trials.

Based outside of Philadelphia, in Brookhaven, Pennsylvania, Summit Health Pharmacy has recently been through a period of positive growth and expansion. We began as Burman's Pharmacy over 50 years ago, and have specialized in compounding medications to meet our patients' needs for the last decade. With our transition to Summit Pharmacy, we now have an even greater capacity to solve patient medication issues, compound custom medications, work closely with providers, and offer our quality services to manufacturers for clinical trials.

Elevate Your Healthcare

We are committed to building strong relationships with the community, through meeting patient needs, working closely with doctors, and providing quality products to our valued manufacturers. At Summit Health Pharmacy, we treat you like family: quality healthcare is our top priority.

Meet The Team

Vince, Summit Health Pharmacy Owner

Vincent M. Canzanese, Owner of Summit Health Pharmacy

10 years ago, Vince Canzanese started Summit Health Pharmacy (then called Burman's Community Pharmacy) as a compounding business within an independent pharmacy, with the goal of providing high-quality compounds for patients in need of quality compounding services. Vince took ownership of Summit Health Pharmacy in September 2016, and continues to lead the business with the same key objectives: quality compounds and personalized medication for patients.

Vince received his B.S. in Pharmacy from Temple University in 1993, and has over 20 years of experience in the retail and independent pharmacy. Vince has been a proud member of the Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA) since 2000, and has also served on the PCCA Advisory Council (2017-2019).

Mary, Summit Health Pharmacy Owner

Mary Canzanese, RPh, B.S. Nutrition, ABAAHP

Nutrition Consultant / Nutrition Educator

Allen Walton, Summit Health Store Manager

Allen Walton

Store Manager

Sharon Peters, Summit Health Staff Pharmacist

Sharon Peters, RPh

Staff Pharmacist

Sal Bonaccorso, Summit Health Staff Pharmacist

Sal Bonaccorso, RPh

Staff Pharmacist

Tricia Istenes, Summit Health Compliance Officer

Tricia Istenes

Compliance Officer

Mike Avesian, Director of Compounding

Mike Avesian, RPh

Director of Compounding

Rich Luongo, Summit Health Staff Pharmacist

Rich Luongo, RPh

Staff Pharmacist

Robin Greene-Toler, Summit Health Sales Account Manager

Robin C. Greene-Toler

Sales Account Manager

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