Our Compounding & Individualized Pharmacy Services: For Manufacturers

As a PCAB/ACHC accredited sterile compounding and non-sterile compounding pharmacy, our staff at Summit Health is experienced in working closely with manufacturers to ensure we provide high quality medication for clinical drug trials.

Giving Manufacturers the Tools to Grow

Physician prepping compound medication

Solving medication issues for patients, providers and manufacturers. We offer wholesale drugs, medication compounds, and other specialized medications for clinical drug trials. We are dedicated to helping our community elevate their healthcare; you, as manufacturers, help us meet that goal by doing the important work of studying effective medications and treatment options. In return, our wholesale business can help you by providing you with wholesale products for the discovery and development of new drugs and treatments.

Sterile Compounding & Non-Sterile Compounding Specialists

As compounding specialists, we meet compounding needs on all levels: patient, provider, and manufacturer. Summit Health stands out as a PCAB/ACHC accredited sterile and non-sterile compounding pharmacy. This means that Summit Health has been awarded the highest accreditation in the compounding industry; we are trusted to deliver quality medication, assure continuous compliance, and meet industry safety standards.

What We Offer Manufacturers

At Summit Health, we understand the important role that manufacturers play in discovering and developing new drugs and treatments. That is why, as a fully accredited compounding pharmacy, Summit Health is happy to offer high quality compounds and drugs to patients who are participating in clinical trials, so that they can continue to run clinical trials, produce quality products, and keep our community healthy.

Doctor compounding medication

Quality Medication Compounding

We offer a variety of specific compounding services:

  • Pediatric medication compounding
  • Autism medication compounding
  • Men's and women's health compounding
  • Ophthalmic solution preparations including autologous serum eye drops
  • Ketogenic diet compounding
  • Veterinary medication compounding
  • Fertility medication compounding

Both Standard and Specialized Medications

In addition to standard medications, Summit Health offers a number of specialized medications:

  • Bio-identical hormone replacement medication
  • Low-dose naltrexone
  • Thyroid medication
  • High quality nutritional supplements, exclusive to our pharmacy
  • Mitochondrial therapy
  • Men's health
Technician sorting compound medication

All of these standard, specialized, and compounded medications are available to you, or your patients, for your clinical trials. In order to ensure your satisfaction with our products, we extend our commitment to personalized service, high quality compounding, and competitive pricing to our valued manufacturers.

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